The Oil Meter Cap

| The insight:
There are more than 37 million motor bikes registered in Vietnam. Very few riders know how to check oil and even fewer know when it’s time for an oil change. Most of them don’t even bother, they just ride until the bike breaks down.

| The idea:
Our solution is a permanent and scalable idea that found its way even to the smallest bike repair shop – an idea that could thrive in the tough tropical weather of Vietnam and that everyone could understand and made perfect motoring sense.
The Oil Meter was re-created for a tropical rural country: weatherproof, rust-proof, durable, and cost-effective. It needed very little mechanical tools.
Call it frugal innovation, a low-cost solution or social innovation, it serves one purpose – to physically alert every rider about oil change.

The Oil Meter is simple science – when oil volume drops, the oil cap pops.

  • Role Creative | Art Director
  • For Ingenious
  • Date 2020

The Oil Meter Cap – Presentation Board

Case Study Film - 01:41 sec

The Product Design


Agency: Wunderman Thompson HK

Executive Creative Director: Carlos Camacho

Senior Art Director: Ping-Wai Wong

English Copywriter: Kiefer McKenzie