Mastercard x Grwth

The brief -
MasterCard is partnering with the technology company – GRWTH to push a whole new E payment system for the education industry.
As it’s a new technology for the existing society, it’s important to remind people the needs of having this new system at the product launch.

The Idea -
We come up with 5 characters: Mum, Dad, Teacher, Principal and the connection between all characters – the child(Siu Chung).
It’s a story happens every day between the family and the school – the annoying moments of handling those little payments of the child’s school life.
The E payment system actually a solution for both two parties to create a win-win situation, the result turns out they will no longer be having those annoying moments and it can even provide better learning and growth opportunities for the children.

  • Role Creative Director, Film Director, Art Director, Animator
  • For Mastercard
  • Date 2023
  • Type Animation Film | Product Launch Event

The film – 3mins :

Event Features:

Characters setting:



Creative Director: Ping-wai Wong

Script Writer: Ah Choi

Art Director: Ping-wai Wong, O Mok

Illustrator: George Cheung

Film Director: Ping-wai Wong

Producer: AC

Animator: Ping-wai Wong, O Mok

VO: Sammy Leung - 森美