| The insight:
After 2020, everyone is looking forward to a better new year ahead in 2021. Especially in the “Chinese Lunar New Year” traditional culture, it’s a very important time period to pray for good fortune at the up-coming next year from the first day to the fifteen days. So what can HSBC do for kicking start the new year for everyone in 2021?

| The idea:
“The HSBC Dancing Lion – Praying and Dancing for Hong Kong”
We created a character – HSBC Dancing Lion based on the appearance of the well-known HSBC Lion to create a digital campaign across the period of Chinese Lunar New Year 2021.
The lion character projected across all Hong Kong to announce that CNY was coming. The lion embodies the tradition of the lion dance, that is why projections show the character in a dancing playful way. Bringing the best of luck to Hongkongers for the Year of the Ox.

  • Role Creative, Art Director
  • For HSBC
  • Date 2021
  • Type Digital, Tactical

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