Around the World in One City

| The insight:
Since 2020, the world has been in lockdown with COVID-19. It have been a tough two years for people that live to travel, not to mention it’s still on-going with no end in sight.
In Hong Kong, a city ranked one of the most ‘travelled’ cities in the world, the desire to travel is at an all-time high. So the question was, how could we give people a sense of travel and adventure during the pandemic?

| The idea:
We began by issuing official Caltex passports when drivers came to refuel, these ‘passports’ also doubled as travel guides. The passports led people to ‘lookalike landmarks’, places and locations that resembled famous sightseeing spots abroad. We divided Hong Kong into six continents, and using Caltex stations as waypoints, directed people to the nearest ‘lookalike landmarks’.
To amplify the idea to an audience that wasn’t on the road, we created an online travel guide on social media and encouraged travellers to post selfies at these locations to enter a lucky draw.
Finally, to top it off, we gave drivers limited edition ‘souvenirs’ once they completed visiting all six continents and collected all the stamps – the perfect way to commemorate their around the world trip.

  • Role Creative | Art Director
  • For Caltex
  • Date 2021

Around the World in One City - Presentation Board

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The Passport

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